Coolio Iglesias Blend (medium roast)

Coolio Iglesias Blend (medium roast)

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Roast Level: medium
Region: south america, africa
Processing Method: traditional washed and sun dried natural
Variety: catuai, bourbon, icatu, caturra, typica, castillo
Cupping Profile: chocolate, honey, nutty, medium acidity and body

This blend works great as a drip but also in your home cold brew. We use this blend in our shop for all cold brews including our Nitro and New Orleans Cold Brew.

Coffee blend names have different meanings to different roasters. The name for Coolio Iglesias was inspired by what built this coffee company, our kith and kin, our friends and family.

Hector Mendoza, our handyman for many years, was one of a kind. He worked so hard for us and was always there when needed. Even when what was needed was someone to lighten up the mood a little here. He always had a smile, joked around with the crew and was certainly one of our favorite people. You can’t walk into Kith+Kin and not see something he fixed or improved.

Always one to joke around or have a funny pun, anytime something was “cool” or called for the response “cool”, he would always say, “Coolio Iglesias.” It was a nod to the 80’s Latin singer Julio Iglesias (for those too young to know). It stuck and I still find myself to this day saying Coolio Iglesias to everything! I told him that we needed a name for a new drip blend that is also used to make our cold brew coffee and I had decided I would name it Coolio Iglesias. He got a kick out of it. However, being at the early stages of developing this blend, we didn’t get it out in time. On December 19 of 2020 we lost Hector to Covid.

We couldn’t be more proud to have this blend as a part of our coffee lineup. I wish we could have gotten it out earlier, but I’m glad I got to see the smile on his face when I told him. He was certainly one of a kind. We’ll find another handyman, but no one will ever replace Hector.

In memory of Hector Manuel Mendoza: January 16, 1954 – December 19, 2020

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