Black Gold Blend (dark+ roast)

Black Gold Blend (dark+ roast)

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Note: All customer orders are roasted on Thursday. Orders must be received by Wednesday morning to be roasted the following Thursday. If purchasing locally, please allow a minimum of four days from roast date for the flavor of the coffee to fully develop. Thank you!

Also, if you are local, you can choose Pick Up instead of Ship at the end of your order and save on shipping.

Roast Level: dark+
Region: south america, africa
Processing Method: traditional washed
Variety: caturra, colombia, typica, castillo, heirloom
Cupping Profile: dark chocolate, smokey, bold, zero acidity and full-bodied 

"I'll never do a dark roast." Then introduced a dark roast Mexico and Honduras.

"Ok, well I'm not gonna roast any darker than that." Now, introducing a Dark+ Roast, the Black Gold Blend. In my defense, we've received a lot of requests for something darker. We've been testing out several profiles and think this one is a great dark roast that doesn't go into the territory of burnt, over-bitter and ashy.

It's very heavy bodied, bold, has flavors of dark chocolate, and will cut through any milk you may want to add. Customers we've tested it out on have told us it's smoother and less bitter than their regular dark roast. This is due to us cutting off the roast just before it reaches that stage of darkness where those negative flavors come out. We think dark roast drinkers are gonna love this one.

But that's it. We're not going any darker! Probably.