Honduras (dark roast)

Honduras (dark roast)

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Roast Level: dark
Region: santa barbara
Cupping Profile: chocolate, nutty, medium acidity and body

This Honduras bean is a great match to our Mexico dark roast. Considering the availability of coffees due to harvest seasons and other conditions, we won't always  have a specific origin available. In that case we will find a bean comparable in quality and flavor profile.

Welcome to the dark side. Yes, I know we said we wouldn't be doing dark roasts anytime soon. We lied.

However, this is JUST on the cusp of a dark roast. It's a light dark roast so you won't be getting those super bitter, charred flavors of very dark roast. Those who like dark roasted coffees will love how much smoother this coffee is, minimal bitterness, no acidity, and you will actually taste the coffee, not the roast.

What does that mean? Well, very dark roasts will leave virtually no flavors expected from that coffee's origin. Because of this, no roaster in their right mind will roast a good quality coffee to a dark degree since the high heat it's taken to will overshadow the flavor of the actual coffee, good and bad.

Think of a steak, good or bad quality. Or even a bread. When you grill a steak till it's charred on the outside, or bake a bread till it's black, you no longer taste it's flavor or quality, you taste the bitter char or it being cooked/baked too long. Burnt. It's the same with coffee.

We understand some people like that. So, for them we created this light dark roast coffee. But that's as dark as we're going! Ok, probably. I mean we still want you to taste the coffee.

Note: All customer orders are roasted on Thursday. Orders must be received by Wednesday morning to be roasted the following Thursday. If purchasing locally, please allow a minimum of four days from roast date for the flavor of the coffee to develop. Thank you!

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